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Originally Posted by JamieJLD

They are expanding the definition of Autism and the theory goes that the people with PDD-NOS and Asperger's are now going to fall into the general Autism Spectrum Disorder category. Of course there are many people who are very concerned that these changes will leave people without the services they need. It is hard to tell right now.

ETA: Here is a good summary of what the DSM-IV was and what the DSM-V will be. It is slated to come out in May of 2013.
Thank you for sharing this. I've googled some but will check this out as well.
Originally Posted by ktmelody

Its just going to be autism spectrum disorder. They have new diagnosic criteria as well.

They feel it will weed out 10 percent of misdiagnosed cases but potentially open up services for children that have not been diagnosed.

I like the new change as it adds in sensory disfunction where it didnt before.
I just hope that DS who falls on the high end of the spectrum doesn't slip through the cracks now because they change the criteria. I do agree that it will streamline it all a bit, maybe even help awareness because there wot be so many different things I explain (Autism is just Autism kwim?) but I fear for the children who need the services and may be removed. That's a slippery slope.
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