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Just starting cloth diapering

Hi everyone!

I am brand new to cloth diapering. I wanted to cloth diaper when my dd was born but as a working mom I felt uncomfortable about making that decision knowing that someone other than myself would be doing most of the diapering and might not appreciate my decision.

Well, my dd is now 20 months and I am 21 weeks into my second pregnancy. I really want to do cloth diapers this time around and now that I've learned how easy they are, I figure I can send cloth diapers to the babysitter's. Just a couple weeks ago I started using cloth diapers (that some friends generously lent me so I could try it out before committing) with my 20 month old and I love it! I am excited to stock up for my newborn and am so glad one of my friends pointed me to this site so I won't feel so lost as I start this new adventure.

Looking forward to "meeting" and getting to know all of you
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