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Re: KAL ~ Christmas Crafts: Dec 2-8

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
Don't get angry at me just cause I don't see the point in paying extra $$ for nothing I own a Schacht and don't see anything great about it compared to other wheels I've spun on and owned, it's not an uninformed bias by any means! When I can afford to, I will upgrade it.

For a first wheel, yes. If you watch the youtube videos on bobbin changing etc. you will understand why. I had actually expected Schacht to have a similar setup based on their advertising of the "quick change" bobbins, I was disappointed by that. Fantasias are single drive only, which is a limitation, but the spin is ultra smooth, they perform very well, and the adjustments are near non-existent, so you're learning about spinning vs. wheel mechanics. The bobbins from Kromski and Schacht are almost exactly the same size, Kromskis are just over half the price though.

Why I call it a beginner wheel vs. a mid-range wheel:

It can't take a WooLee Winder. Because of the different magnetic quick change setup, Nathan Lee hasn't come up with a WooLee Winder to work with it. It does however have a sliding hook flyer which is far nicer than hooks, especially non-rotating hooks (*cough* Schacht *cough*)

It is single drive only. Some people don't care, some do. The Matchless double drive setup is not great, so a lot of people actually only use it in single. The Ladybug is supposed to be better in that regard. Majacraft only makes single drive and their performance is superb. Depends what you want.
Thanks! So many choices...and I thought addi vs. knitpicks vs. hiyahiya was a toigh decision.

Originally Posted by OrangeBananas View Post
Avery is having some set backs She is back on 02 and having some troubles. She also lost more weight, and is now 9lbs 14oz .

Anyway, here is my WIP
So sorry about avery'd setback. Prayers and positive thoughts her way.

Originally Posted by traderbren View Post
Finished Emmy's longies!!! Sucky lighting, but here ya go:
Great job, Brenda!

Originally Posted by Scaethach View Post
I ate and made fudge
Sooo jealous! Somehow my Pirate's booty cheese puffs taste like styrofoam, esp. when compared to fudge.

AFM: Had a long frustrating , bleh meeting this afternoon. I hate having to work when I'm on vacation because other people can't do their jobs
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