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All sold/traded. Please delete!!

I'll get straight to the point. I love these. My husband hates them. So they must be replaced. FSOT

ISO: wool, side snapping fitteds OS or M, side snapping AIOs with cotton inner (Grovia, Bottom Bumpers, etc.), waldorf toys, natural crafting supplies (wool roving, waldorf doll fabric and supplies, wool felt, silks, etc.) Beco or Boba carrier with colorful pattern (not sure which one I want yet so try me)

Also check my other threads. I have wraps, prefolds, and Flip covers as well.
Flip covers
2 Bumboos Size 2 (10-35lbs) rainbow snaps VGUC. These were not used very many times. One has a light stain that can be sunned out for sure. $14ppd for unstained, $12ppd for stained, $24ppd for both. both SOLD

First set of GMs: VGUC except pink with flowers has wearing holes on edges. All have good elastic and are decently soft.
Sorry I don't remember names of prints!
Blue stripes: $14ppd SOLD
Cat in the Hat: $15ppd SOLD
Pink with flowers:$10ppd SOLD
Pink fairies: $14ppd pending

These are more well-loved but still totally useable. I don't think there are any holes. They just feel really broken in I guess. No major stains. Elastic is good. Some of the edges are rolling. $11ppd each or $50 for all 5. top row all pending tradeBoth stripes are traded

Last set are all plain serged edge GMs. All in GUC except light blue and 2nd green from the right on top row. Blue has a stain that I cannot get out and could use new elastic and green is missing one snap. It is the snap on the left flap closest to the edge. It will still work fine for a small baby but when the flaps stop overlapping (when baby is larger) the snap will need to be replaced. I can replace the elastic in the blue one for an extra $2 or you can do it yourself.
Pink with brown snaps:$10ppd SOLD
Green with yellow snaps:$10ppd SOLD
Green with green snaps #1 (missing snap):$7ppd SOLD
Green with green snaps #2:$10ppdSOLD
Blue with blue snaps:$7ppd (or $9ppd if you have me fix elastic) SOLD
Brown with green snaps:$10ppd SOLD
Yellow with yellow snaps (dyed green by me): $10ppd SOLD
Or all 7 for $60 and I will fix the elastic on blue.

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