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loving My Medela PISA

My insurance paid Double Electric Pump showed up last night finally after being on Backorder since Nov 15th and im in looove. I didnt get a chance to use it last night as I was sooo tired. I woke up this morning leaking from the side Olivia hadnt nursed on and pumped 5 oz in about 5 minutes. Then I went out and left baby with my mom. I missed one feeding (she gave her a bottle of EBM) and when I got home double pumped and got 8 oz in 10 minutes. I am Nursing my baby and pumping for my nephew so this has made my life a whole lot simpler than pumping with a manual. I have only ever used a Medela Symphony at the hospital when my 3 yr old got surgery (I was nursing my 11 month old at the time), so I am so happy to finally own my own.
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