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We have:

Box of mega blocks
Light up drum
4 stuffed animals
Chatter phone pull toy
Pop up animal toy
1 wood puzzle
20ish books
Turtle that lights up and plays music
Brio wagon walker
Ride in car for outside
A music play table
Kid sized table and chairs
Toy box
Wooden "construction train" with blocks that stack onto train car bases
Beach toys left over from vacation (we plan on getting a sand box soon)
Bubble tumbler and bubbles
Wooden nesting blocks
1 wooden car and 4 trucks

For Christmas from Santa and us he will get:

4 books
A bead runner
2 bigger construction trucks
3 wooden cars
One more toy we haven't decided on maybe a bath toy set

I feel like we have a great number of toys. We have plenty to keep him busy, but not so many that we have a mess all the time.
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