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Originally Posted by Sarahknavy
I wanted to get my sister something for this purpose last Christmas. I researched and searched and researched... I always read bad things about breeza having secret mold in hidden locations. I read that the magic bullet/baby bullet plastic is very brittle. In the end I bought her a cuisinart 7cup ( I use the mini one) and a microwave steamer. If you prefer a blender, that could work too but I find it hard to get everything out of the nooks an cranys on a blender which is annoying to me. Whenever I research different brands... I go to amazon and look at the bad reviews and see what people's port experiences were... Then decide if it is worth it still.

Get a microwave steamer!!!! It Is amazing and very useful. I use it for my son still for frozen veggies(we don't buy canned and rarely fresh since we are bad about eating it sat enough). I just pop it in the microwave for 5 min and serve it up or then put it in yogurt for a mini smoothie for him.
Mold was in the Beaba. The Brezza fully cleans
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