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Re: Contractions in the evening at 18wks?

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
RRL tea is safe to drink throughout pregnancy. It actually helps BH ease up for some women. The only concern would be in drinking great amounts (a quart or more), which is also fine to do - but only in the weeks preceding delivery.
Just speaking from my own personal experience. My midwife specifically asked me if I was drinking it when I started having contractions and told me not to drink it till later in my pregnancy because she said it could actually do the oppisite of slowing things down since my uterus was already toning or contracting on it's own. It's a muscle toner and is really used to prepare for labor. It is known for toning the uterus and improving contractions. May not be a big deal to avoid for those mama's who only have a few infrequent braxton hicks but for me I don't want to do anything to assist my contractions
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