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Re: Prenatal Vitamin Advice?

My midwife recommended Rainbow light prenatals.

If you're not opposed to it you could buy the nutrients you specifically need rather than taking a generic prenatal.

I take
Vitamin D3
B6, B12
Folic acid

For some of the nutrients prenatals don't really provide enough or they provide nutrients we already get enough of. I just figured out which nutrients I mostly needed to take supplements for. DHA is huge for brain development so I trust a high quality DHA supplement over a prenatal with a zillion other vitamins combined. I also take 4000 IU of D3, most prenatals only offer 400 IU and their have been studies that are convincing to me that pregnant women should at least get 2000 IU.

So just my two cents about what I do in place of a prenatal, I've never had any constipation issues.
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