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Originally Posted by sunnygirlmomof6
Woke up at 3:30am with a bad leg cramp. Ugh. I forgot how bad those hurt. DH rubbed my legg for a long time and finally worked it out for me and then I got up and walked around and did not even try to go back to sleep, afraid it would happen again.

If it doesn't rain we are supposed to take our horses and be in the local Christmas parade today. I hope we get to go because we usually go to 3 of them a year, but this year we will only be able to make it to this one and the kids are so excited.

I am feeling her kick a lot every day and I love it!
Oww! Hope it feels ok today. I got bad leg cramps twice with DS and it hurt for days after. Parade sounds fun! I love parades.

Afm: i had another terrible night with sciatica nerve pain. Why does it only bother me when I am trying to sleep! I want to sleep on my back so bad...

Also, finally talked to my best friend! She had her first baby, a boy, on the 2nd. She sent me a few texts, but I had a feeling she had a c-sec and didn't want to bother her. So she saw that i was awake and on my phone and called me! So glad to hear from her. Cant wait to meet him! 9 days til I go home!
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