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Recommend YOUR seat that YOU love!

I want reviews from car seat people...not just the randoms on Babies R Us and Amazon reviewing them. We have a MyRide & Complete Air so we don't need reviews of those. I know seats fit all different kinds of kids and vehicles. I just want some trustworthy, knowledgeable reviews so we can finally make a decision. So tell me:
1. What seat do you have?
2. How old is the child and what do they weigh?
3. What vehicle do you have and if the seat is RF/FF in there?

Thank you very much in advance.

And for anyone who will benefit from this thread we have:
1. MyRide 65 & Complete Air 65
2. 12 months/25 lbs in the MR & 2 years/27 lbs in the CA
3. Scion xB & both are RF
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