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We have 3 kids and 2 cars so 6 seats. 5 are radians (2 65's, 2 80's, and an XTSL) and a Nautilus.

My car 2001 Ford Taurus

3 yrs 10 mos. 37 lbs 37" rear facing in the radian 65 behind drivers seat (I'm 5'4")

7 yrs 3 mos 42 lbs 47" forward facing but harnessed in a nautilus in the middle

17 months 19 pounds (can't remember why her newest length is ) rear facing in the radian 80 behind passenger seat.

DH's car 2004 Chevy cavalier 2 Door

3 yrs 10 mos 37 lbs 37" forward facing (I turned him at 3 in this car because it is a 2 door and I was having a very hard time getting him in since we have a younger child that also has to rear face. We rarely take this car but I don't love him FF yet) in the radian 65 (same as my car only FF) behind the passenger seat.

17 month old 19 lbs rear facing in a radian 80 in the middle.

7 yrs 3 mos 42 lbs 47" forward facing in a radian XTSL behind drivers seat.

I LOVE all of my radians and they install well in our cars (I don't like installing them in my dads truck though). I especially love the leg room they offer for older rear facers.

I like the nautilus but it is a beast of a seat compared to my radians and I don't like how close the harness straps are together, they rub DD's neck and I can't find the little pads.

We have also had a complete air which was ok but the leg room is awful IMO. DS rides in one RF in my moms car. And we had he my ride for like 3 weeks and I hated how HUGE that seat was. I live he low profile of the radians.

And for good measure here is a pic of my car setup.

Click image for larger version

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