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Re: Recommend YOUR seat that YOU love!

we had a graco infant seat that i liked well enough... would have loved it if it was a front adjust, lol (why do they even keep making rear adjust seats? such a pain!)

from 6ish months to 3yrs 5 months ds was rear facing in a marathon, and again i loved it. easy to install, easy to use, super comfy. all around great seat.

he was forward facing in it for about a year when i got him a nauti. he LOVES that seat, particularly because of the cubby holes, lol. i like it, but the crotch buckle is a ginormous pain, especially for my mom (and shes not even that old yet- almost 52).

he is 5 yrs and 2 months old, and 42lbs, and currently still harnessed in the nauti. we also have a cheapy cosco booster that we've been using for booster training. all 3 seats were used in my 2000 saturn sl2, ex-h's 2006 civic hybrid, and the nauti in my 2007 mitsubishi galant with no problems. i did find that i can get a better install on one side versus the other in my new car.

oh, we also had a scenera as a back up seat. pretty good install, once i figured out the tricks, and it was a great, cheap, back up
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