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Re: Recommend YOUR seat that YOU love!

I have 2 kids and they ride in 5 diff cars.

My FAVE overall seat (and my kids' fave seat) is the TrueFit Premier. 35lb rfing is plenty for us (DS is 3y5m and only 26lbs). It fits anywhere, is super comfy, easy to load kids, etc. It is currently FFing in my DH's Miata b/c we can adjust the straps (without taking the seat out) to fit either kid for the 2 block ride from daycare or 3 mile ride from school to our house. Before that (and for long trips) it was rfing behind the driver in our Jetta Sportwagen. My kids are 3y5m, 26lbs, & 35.75" and 5y3m, 36lbs, & 42".

DS's (3y5m, 26lbs, 35.75", and rfing in all other cars) other seats are 2 Radian XTSL's (rfing behind the passenger seat in the Jetta Sportwagen and Saturn Ion), and 2 Safety First Avenues (rfing in the 3rd row of a Ford E-350 and behind the passenger in a 2012 Prius). I actually like the Avenues better than the Radians. The Radians are fine, but not great. The wings won't stay up, so the kids complain about them pushing on their shoulders, they're a pain to tighten, and I DREAD ever moving them or adjusting the strap heights. We travel with one of the Avenues.

DD (5y3m, 36lbs, 42" and boostered in all cars except Miata, where she shares the FFing TFP w/ DS, and on long trips when she rides rfing in the Radian and we re-install the TFP rfing for DS) has a Recaro Vivo and a Graco Highback Turbobooster that we move around as needed. DD prefers the Vivo (it is more supportive), but the Turbo is lighter and easier for DD to buckle on her own, so when she rides with other people, we put her in that one b/c it's so easy to use.

We also have a CARES harness and a RSTV that we use for trips where we travel by plane, but those are definitely "niche" seats.
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