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Re: Working FT & morning sickness

With this one I had twin toddlers at home, taught 16 units and kept this baby a secret at work until 20 weeks. All that time I was throwing up 3 times a day average with MS all day. Here is how I survived,

- eat constantly little bites, even if you feel like throwing up. It is REALLY hard to swallow when you feel like things will come up the other direction but you just have to do it. Mind over body. Do-not-over eat!!!
- I took vit. b6 and unisom every night (MW recommended it)
- Motion sickness bands hidden under long sleeves at work. Hold the ball down even more if you feel like you are going to puke.
- Vomit bags in my work bag and car just in case, gave me great peace of mind.
- Sleep in when you can, sometimes my hubby would take our twins in the morning and let me sleep in until 8 or 9, this made a world of a difference.
- Wear comfortable clothes and fabrics that breath, that cold sweat that happens right before you throw up is worse in synthetic fabrics.
- Eat tons of protein, it helps a lot. Eggs helped me the most since I could hide them in other foods like French Toast.
- Some moms use preggie pops but I preferred gummy bears, I would eat two or three if I felt like I was going to loose it at a bad time.

I hope it gets better mama, you can do it!
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