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Re: OK...please tell me about Target Pristine Detergent I'm intrigued! Better than Ti

Originally Posted by stephcrouse View Post
Got some at Target last night, and it was right where you all said it would be
I cleaned my washing machine with a vinegar soak, then bleach soak, and now the diapers have gone through a warm prewash, then another warm prewash with a tiny bit of the clean pristine lavendar, hot wash/cold rinse with up to the second set of lines of clean pristine, hot wash....they are agitating now and there are still suds, so I think I will stop the washer after the spin (before the cold rinse) and keep doing that with plain hot washes til the water seems clean and there are no suds...?
Its a plan, I found this detergent sudding a lot at first but after some use started getting much much less. Its now hands down the cleanest rinsing detergent Ive used to date. So I think it was old stuff getting removed.
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