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Re: How can I reintroduce the breast? Help!

It is a long road to work with these issues, but it can be done. My ds was born at 28 wks and the nicu introduced bottles to him before he learned the breast. It took 6 months to get him to the breast, lots of crying from him and from me. First I had to find a bottle/nipple that most closely resembled the breast, then I had to put him to the breast with an SNS (huge mess, most of my crying was because of this but its worth it) before I pumped, pump, then top him off with what was left of the SNS. Putting him to the breast often, for feeding and for comfort, is key. Let him be at and around the breast as much as possible. Finally, it took a solid week of just SNS to get him to start taking the breast. Lots of hair pulling, frustration, yelling at my dh, etc... BUT at now 21 months, my ds is a bf champ and has been since he learned at 6 months old. You can do it mama, it just takes A LOT of work... but it is sooooooooo worth it!! PM me anytime if you need some support or words of advice or just someone to yell at.

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