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How long did you co-sleep for?

We've been bed-sharing with our 3 year old since he was roughly 6 months old and our newbie was added to the mix when he came home at 3 weeks old. We have a king bed though it's still cramped, its nice being all together. I feel ready to have the 3 year old in a bed in our room (he has a twin bed in the boys' bedroom) but DF does not. He likes knowing exactly where they are and having them within arms reach heaven forbid something were to happen. Overall I enjoy co-sleeping.

The subject came up with my therapist yesterday and she went into this big shpiel about how we really should get them out of the bed, we're setting them up for a lifetime of sleep issues, they'll never be able to sleep alone yadda yadda. I said "well its not like they'll still be co-sleeping when they go to college" and of course she told me about someone she knows who's 12 and still in the parents' bed. IMO if you want a 12 yaer old out of your bed, you get them out of your bed. I figured it would be easier (though not super easy) to get a 5 yaer old into their own bed, especially if their little brother goes too then to try with a tantrum loving 3 year old. long did you cosleep for and how did youtransition to their own bed when the time came?

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