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Re: I hate...I love...

Lets start with the positive...

I love...
*that this baby is our wedding baby-and it's our last so making it rather special
*I love knowing it's a girl and sharing that news with people when they ask
*feeling baby move
*when DH rubs my belly and gets that proud daddy glow
*that my children are curious and excited and kiss my belly lots
*imagaining what it will be like when she arrives and our family is complete
*my body shape

What I hate...
*HEARTBURN... all the time, with every thing even when I drink water
*weird tighting I get in ribs in back that will wake me in the night
*leg craps
*people remarking on my size, negative attributes towards "girl" gender-like wait until they are teenagers...etc OR how busy I'm going to be...yeah people I know-thanks for the tip!
*Being winded and tired easily and often
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