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Re: my crazy ER trip

Originally Posted by momto2princesses View Post
Caveat: I am SUPER paranoid about everything this pregnancy (see my siggy if you want to know why).

So I woke up last night around 2 am feeling totally bloated and with this intense pain on the R side in my pelvis. It kept me up for an hour or so and I eventually drifted off to sleep again, but the pain was still there and maybe a little worse when I got up this morning. I decided I'd better go to the ER (my OB doesn't open until 9 and she doesn't have an ultrasound in her office so I was pretty sure that's what she'd tell me to do anyways).

Long story short...first they thought it was an ectopic (its NOT! YAY!), then they thought I had appendicitis (jury is still out on that, although obviously they thought no since they sent me home....with instructions to stay on a clear liquid diet in case I end up back there later today having my appendix removed).

BUT...the best part is that they did an ultrasound and HCG. Measuring 5w2d (3 days ahead), still too early to see anything but the gestational sac. HCG is up to 2900 from 329 on monday. So happy and relieved. I still don't know what in the world is going on with this pain, but at least its not getting worse.

we should be able to see the baby by the end of next week when I have my next ultrasound!
I'm so glad all is well! And at least you got to see your labs increasing!!
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