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Originally Posted by KatieB621

Tottally understand this! I had one BC baby (ended in M/C), too. My 2nd M/C happened while we were ttc DD. We ttc for nearly a year before DD. Because it took so long to get her, I didn't think I could get pg if we didn't use a condom one night when she was 6 m. old. Less than 2 weeks later I had a BFP and we were actively tta then. Since then I've been unsure as to if I'm easy to get that way or not, so we were diligint in tta until nearly 2 m. ago and started NTNP then. No BFP yet. I totally understand somewhat wanting another, but realizing that it's TOTALLY not the right time. We've just gotten to a point now where if it happens I wouldn't be as devastated about it as I was when I got pg with DS. Hope you can tta sucessfully until you are ready again for another LO!
Thanks for your empathy Katie. I couldn't imagine a bfp with a 6 month old. I could hardly accept it with a 15 month old! I hope you get a bfp soon!

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