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Originally Posted by breast4my3
Congrats on the PL'ing, sounds like things are going great!!! Would she let you put a basic padded training pant on her (like a mio, bb, ecoposh or even a gerber...gasp I know) and let you put a flip or other cover over it when its time for a nap or bed? Since she's doing so well, you may not have to worry too much about needing them much longer.

Hope you don't mind if I highjack your thread a little bit.... for a 21 month old that is just getting introduced to the potty, where ease of up and down and ability to unsnap for accidents is a must, what would you "seasoned" mommies recommend out of all the trainers available on the internet?
The only unsnapping ones I've had experience with are the flip trainers. I actually used them as diaper covers for a while though bc They fit better than the regular flip covers. So my dd sees them as diapers.
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