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So somehow I never subscribed to this thread & I feel soooo out if touch! I tried to read thru & catch up with everyone. I think I need a nap now.

Congrats on all the boys!

Andrea...last color on the ticker?!? REALLY?!?! So excited!!!!

I am SO sick of doing the whole TP analysis, but its like an involuntary reflex.

AFM: I've made it to 8 wks...I hope. They did let me come in Tuesday & check. Baby had grown & was on track @ 7w3d & hr was up to 145 from 125. I bawled. But I've still had very little to no symptoms the rest of this week & felt really good...too good for my nerves, but it is what it is. I tell myself randomly throughout the day "I'm fine & my baby is fine." It helps a little. I still think about something being wrong, but I don't feel anxiety over it, kwim? I keep telling myself God is teaching me a lesson in faith by letting me feel this good.

I got my doppler at the beginning of the week. I'd love to hear about your experiences with it if you have any. How far along were you when you started using it & how far were you the first time you heard baby's hb? Just curious.
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