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Re: Recommend YOUR seat that YOU love!

Originally Posted by kushie tushie View Post
We have two Radians. We have an Ody.
Honestly we love them. DH installs them and is always able to a good install.

We dont weigh or measure the kids much (so take it for what it is).
DS will be 3 in Feb. His stats from Aug: 38 1/2 inches and 32 lbs. So hes skinny but super tall. I'm glad we have the Radian for the height. We are thinking we'll have to turn him soon. He only has a few inches till he rests the top of the shell.
DD is 17 months and I have no idea on her stats right now. She loves to hang her legs over the side of the seat when shes napping.

- The profile is low. Something I hate about the MyRide (one of our spare seats). I seriously hate how high the sides are on that thing.
- Its a beast. The Radians are heavy... Its a fact but we dont move them much so its not a deal breaker for us.
- We have a van so the front to back space isnt a big deal but it does take up some space.
- Since DS is tall I really like knowing he has had a tall seat to grow into.

If you go with a Britax make sure you let it air out in the garage or something for a few days. Its the worst seat for off gassing. I'm mobile so its a PITA to search for anything but there was a list of seats that were the worst off gasers a couple years ago and they were at the top.

Amanda . Blaming my phone for typos and crap.
I did read about the gassing thing recently so good advice. I know that wouldn't keep us from getting them since they don't spend much time in the car but we would definitely do that.
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