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Originally Posted by Mommyof4forme!

It's none of these .

I've decided to just leave it alone. She took the tags off yesterday and wore it (I had no idea so I'm assuming it doesn't work like the VS line). If she's happy, it's worth 20 bucks to me.

As for the comments about her age, she'll be 15 in just over 3 weeks. She wears make up, highlights her hair, and wears padded bras. I tell her she's more beautiful without it, but she likes it. She's also an honor student, was on the cheer team and tennis team, doesn't drink, smoke, or use drugs, and she talks to me about everything! I'd say if she wants me to buy her padded bras is the most of my worries with her...I'm doing a pretty good job!
My point was that there are other bombshell bras out there, not just vs bras.
I just hate it that you bought it thinking you were getting one thing when in fact it was another. That always stinks. Not the sellers fault, but it still stinks! I am just glad your dd likes it.
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