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Re: Out of these trainers, what would you buy?

I love our Flip Trainers. We've had them for over a year now & they have been great. The inserts are so soft, even 13 months later. The inserts hold a lot and I found if you double the inserts, they hold the world overnight, for car trips or for naps. Even in some extreme overnight situations, these did not leak! My 2 year old is over 40 lbs & they still fit him great. The Flip Trainer covers also work great with the Flip disposable inserts. That was our go to diaper during the hurricane when we couldn't wash. Even with 2 inserts, I still found these to be very trim & have had no problems with them fitting under any clothing. My 2 year old wears a size 5 so 5's generally are not made with diaper room.

We had tried the Grovia ones but like another poster said, they only covered 1 of my son's 2 butt cheeks. LOL Even with the plus size panels, they do not fit past 35 lbs and the stitching on the pocket will rip quickly so you can't really stuff them with much. When I contacted the company about the stitching coming undone, they did replace it but I was told it was my fault that I must have tried to stuff too much in there.

I haven't tried other brands since I hadn't spotted any that seemed like they would fit past 40 lbs and a child who wears size 5T.
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