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Re: How long did you co-sleep for?

Originally Posted by crunchymom2b View Post
I said "well its not like they'll still be co-sleeping when they go to college" and of course she told me about someone she knows who's 12 and still in the parents' bed.
maybe there are other issues, you don't know the child or family and that little "gem" is not good a therapist to say to use to "prove her point"

And often teens/young adults DO co-sleep, just with boyfriend/girlfriends vs parents, they crave closeness, I wonder why?

Originally Posted by ofthemoonsglow View Post
I coslept until I was about 10! Lol but my parents had 2 queen beds pushed together. It went my dad then my mom on 1 bed. Then my little brother and then me. I was in my own bed by 7ish but I was super excited to have a brother (at 8) so I wanted to sleep with the family again. Thats when they made the huge bed. My best childhood memories are waking up to my brothers smiling little face, waking our parents up, and then just hanging out, talking, and slowly waking up.
So sweet!

I think co-sleeping is similar to breastfeeding, some kids will stop sooner than others, and you can't force an older child to do either if they don't want to.

If it's working for you and the child it's the best choice for your family!

tell the therapist were to stick that thumb
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