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Originally Posted by Rdesonia
I understand why the OP felt a little misled. It was not what she thought it was from the description.
I think a SELLER should mention what brand the product is they are selling. If a person was selling a Diaper and called it a 4.0 but never said it was a Bumenius or mentioned brand .......The buyer would be disappointed if they got something else that was not a BG 4.0 nor did it mention 4.0 anywhere on the tag.

Even though the OP has decided to keep the item, I think she should let the seller know that the item was not what she was expecting so it doesn't happen to others.
I understand what you are saying, but the seller did describe it correctly as a bombshell. Bombshell is a description of a type of bra, not necessarily a brand. The op incorrectly assumed it was vs because I am guessing she knew vs had a bombshell bra.
I googled bombshell bra and within seconds I was shown several brands of bombshell bras.
If the seller had specifically said VS that would be a different story.
The seller can not be held responsible if a buyer is not familiar with what they are buying. I am sure if op had asked they would have told her.
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