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My Mood:

1) that I'm having a DD, and feeling her move , and knowing she already looks like me (DS looks JUST like DH!)
2) feeling justified in being selfish about my needs- love this one!!
3) all the sympathy I'm getting from DH ( I definitely milk it sometimes lol)
4) buying girlie clothes/ fluff
5) my preggo body
6) many of my friends with first pregnancies come to me for advice
7) having other preggo friends and supporting one another
8) DHs excitement about having another child
9) feeling so much more prepared this second one around for another natural birth
10) I have relatively few preggo symptoms


1) tiring so easily
2) feeling anxious about balancing mommy hood (for two) with work and DH. Heck, managing motherhood, pregnancy, work and DH is hard now lol!!!
3) mood shifts
4) sleep problems. I hate this preggo insomnia!!!
5) having to workout even when exhausted bc I gain weight so easily this pregnancy
6) knowing DH is dealing with his own anxieties about becoming a father again
7) that DS is pretty oblivious about the changes in store for our family (despite efforts to prepare him) and how it will effect him
8) women who comment on my "small" belly as if to imply I'm doing something wrong
9) compromised immune system. I've had more colds this season than I've had in the past 8 years combined! Seriously! (

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