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Re: Wrapping supplies

Fabric bags .

For Christmas I have fabric bags made out of Christmasy material. Before I sew up each bag I cut a short strip of fabric about an inch wide to use as the tie. I have probably 2 dozen bags made from 5-6 differnet materials, all different sizes.

For birthdays I have fabric bags made from glittery material, fun plaids, bold stripes. Again with the same kind of ties, or just ribbons that are reusable.

For gifts that I'm giving to other people or mailing (and hence I won't get the fabric back) I have just a few rolls of birthday or Christmas. I pulled one of my bookcases out from the wall an inch and shove the few rolls back there. They only get used a few times a year. I have one huge spool of yellow ribbon that gets used for birthday gifts. It sits on a closet shelf. For Christmas gifts I buy one or two small spools of curling ribbon that usually get used up each year. When I do have to buy more paper I try to keep it simple. Classic Christmas colors and gold/silver ribbons. For birthdays, any paper that will go with my yellow ribbon. Gender neutral helps too.

I try to keep my wrapping supplies not only minimalist, but environmentally friendly. Christmas morning, we don't end up with mounds of paper and trash, just a few extra ribbons I use if I run of out of cloth ties.

I will add that growing up, my mom was a wrapping paper hoarder. Not only did she buy new rolls after each holiday, she made us save paper from previous years. So she had dozens of rolls for Christmas, dozens for birthdays, more for new baby, wedding, holidays, etc. Shoe boxes FULL of small sheets cut from larger sheets. A huge tote FULL of hundreds of bows. An entire trash can full of pieces of ribbon and yarn with the knots cut out. A huge bag full of gift bags and folded tissue paper. It probably occupied an entire floor-ceiling cabinet or more in our basement. She would literally wrap every Christmas gift in different paper. She had every color ribbon, curling ribbon, yarn, thick ribbon, wire-ribbon, whatever. It's ridiculous and I vowed never to be like that.
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