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Re: $100 to spend on Cloth for charity WWYB?

I'd go with Flips. There is a sale on the covers now, too. 2 for $20! I'd get a couple covers, a set of the organic cotton inserts, a set of the stay dry inserts and a package of the Flip disposable inserts. So the mom could try it all out and see what she likes best.

My oldest dd has a son & that's been her favorite so far for her little guy. I know I really liked them when my son was smaller & still fit in 1 size diapers. Plus when it comes to one size diapers, I found they fit the longest. They fit ds when he was a newborn and they were the last one size diaper that he grew out of.

P.S. I saw your list & I think that sounds great. I also really loved our BG 4.0's when ds was smaller and still fit. That's so sweet of you
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