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Feeling full

I am preggo with my second baby. My first baby, I didn't even know I was pregnant until my third month. This time I knew at two weeks. Big difference, I know! Anyway, this time though I find myself readjusting the way I sit frequently and I'm already moving my pants out of the way, because the baby area just feels "full". I had sciatic nerve pain right before I found out I was pregnant with the first baby. I have had that for two weeks now! Maybe more. It will be a while before I can get in and get an ultrasound done. Dh's mom and dad are both from sets of twins. There really isn't any on my side that I know of, yet both my parents were fostered/adopted if you would. Is there anyone that has had or is preggo with twins that has felt this way? Are there any ways to really check? I know there is some way to check for the top of your uterus, but I need it "dummed" down. Lol. The internet is not helping me understand anything!
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