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Originally Posted by ktmelody

Actually they are. Please don't comment unless it helps the OP. your comments don't. Please stay on topic.
Really? .. No offense mods. But threads go askew all over the place. And none of my comments attacked OP. just general observations about the subject. Until someone didn't like it. I wasn't Nasty.

I could likely go into a dozen threads and find 1/2 that didn't stay 'on topic'... And I'm not new here or anything..

I'm not trying to argue with anyone and will unsub to this thread (so PM me) if you give me a strike or something. Just find this whole thing to have been blown up after I said it was not my experience as a child.... And that is suddenly not okay to say..

Simply go into the car seat forum. One question about something completely legal to do becomes a debate, based on feeling, experiences and opinions.. Lol. Even if mom just asks simply a or b. had it happen to me, awhile ago.

I just figured it was the nature of the public forum... Next time, I will be sure to report it. Again, not being snarky, simply want to be sure rules are followed. I was not aware of that rule. But I am now.
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