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would it be crazy to baby shop before pregnant?

It isnt causing me any financial issues or anything, but i feel kind of silly storing stuff i really really like for babies i dont even have yet. i just find cute little stuff for cheap and say "hey, why not? ill have more kids one day". I have 7 for mankind baby socks that i bought for 1.50 a box(just today, bought a boy and a girl set, they are so darn cute!) and ralph lauren outfits and just small nice stuff, that i buy on clearance or very VERY cheap. Is it weird to do this? My mom used to do it, but she was kind of like that with everything(she was an extreme couponer before it was popular lol). i only do this with baby goodies and clothes for the next season for me and ds. Anyway, i figure if for some reason i dont have another kid then whoever i give the stuff to would be very happy.
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