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Re: Wipes solution recipe for cloth dipes?

Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
Plain water will get a newborn's poo clean, it's the older babies that may need something else.
I definitely agree you need soap, especially for the older babies/toddlers. Germs from the fecal matter sitting on their skin could get in any breaks in the skin, and soap will take care of that. (Disclaimer: I sell wipe cubes) Disposable wipes contain alcohol or other disinfectants to remove/kill germs.

If people have had trouble with their children's skin breaking out after using a bit of soap, I doubt it's the soap - it's either something in the soap or something else they are adding to the solution. After all, butt skin () isn't any more sensitive than facial skin or really, any part of a baby's skin. So why isn't soap causing problems elsewhere? I know that perfumes and preservatives can cause a lot of trouble - most fake fragrances give me headaches in seconds - I eventually found a supplier that doesn't use phtalates in their fragrance oils, and it's the only brand I've ever been able to stand, so that's what I use in my wipe cubes.

As far as using GSE (or the Tea Tree Oil that was just as popular here a few years ago...) I'd use a lot of caution - TTO has now been studied well enough that it's showing that it's not 100% effective until the solution contains 5-10% TTO (one study said 4%) and that it shows the same properties as antibiotics - in that if they don't effectively eradicate everything, the germs left can develop resistance to the TTO. Not to mention that if you use the TTO or GSE at that rate, it's going to be fairly harsh on skin.

All that said, I can get really lazy and just use water myself, but I notice a difference in how well the poop is removed!

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