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Re: New to cloth, some questions

Flats are bascially large onse-layer pieces of cotton or bamboo. If the receiving blankets are working I would just keep using those as the flats are bascially the same thing.

No different companies do not have the same color prefolds. Red edge is medium for GMD. I think Diaper Rites (Diaper Junction) are green in the similar size range, Imagines are yellow etc. So I would go by the dimensions each company lists. This is of course only for sized prefolds as opposed to the traditional infant, premium, toddler kind of sizing which I don't really like.

You do need a cover for a fitted to be waterproof but many people use them without covers. A really godd fitted can be work without a cover around the house and you won't have a puddle on the floor but would need one for leaving the house or car etc. There are lots of fitteds though and they don't have to be printed or anything colorful. We use fitteds under wool and fleece though only.

Yes you can just that! You may have to rotate between two covers in a day but not all the time.

Foe EBF infants you can just toss it in. Once they are on solids I spray/scrape all chunks off but don't worry about anything else.
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