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Re: New to cloth, some questions

Originally Posted by abunchoflemons View Post
Ok not sure on color part as I'm not well versed on that as I have pockets.

Prefolds/ flats are what lots use as burp rags now tbhey are like blanket square/ rectangle you fold around. Some will just let baby be in that at home but will leak so u need cover to prevent leaks when out. Some feel baby needs more air at times....

As long as no poo u could still use cover.

I myself wash out poo in my pockets, inserts & wipes because then I don't get stains. Lots with breastfeed poo just let it go unless really big stuff.

You need to link paypal & post I think 30 to sell. Can't remember if anything else. Qt something in my friends list could tell you more as she does prefolds & covers more I think from what I have seen in her posts. Really nice mama...

Thank you!
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