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Does anyone have the Plan Toys Eco Town? Rants/raves??

If you have it or if you've seen it in person, what are your thoughts? It's labeled for ages 3+ due to small parts but do you think this truly is entertaining enough for a 3.5 yr old? (The wooden people remind me of Fisher Price Little People, which is why I question the age appropriateness.) It contains the play mat, the eco home, eco train station, eco charging station, eco street accessories, a few people and vehicles. I was also going to get the fire station to go with it. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it or if you don't have this but have some of the components included, what your thoughts are of those. I read many rave reviews for Plan Toys in general, I'm just on the fence over whether this will be interesting to a 3.5 yr old long enough to make it cost effective (as opposed to a toy that's interesting for a couple weeks and never gets played with again.)

Hmmmm...I meant to put this in the OT forum, not sure if that makes a huge difference or not.
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