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Originally Posted by jackyl08
I have a Marathon 70. DS is 16mths old, 31" and 23lbs. He has loads of room left for rearfacing and he has a slightly longer torso than legs. My DD is very tall and made it to just past 2.5 rearfacing in it. It's very easy to install and the harness adjuster is like butter. My biggest complaint with the Radian is the harness adjuster. It's awful. It ratchets, but gets to a point where it just won't tighten anymore. The Marathon 70 cover is easy to wash and comes out nicely.
As for the off gassing thing, it's really not an issue unless your kid is living in the seat or eating it or something. You can just wash the seat cover, but you actually want the fire retardant chemicals on the cover in case of a car fire. Overall, I LOVE the MA70 and would absolutely buy it again. I paid about $210 for mine and it was totally worth it.
Good to hear. They are on sale currently for $215.

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