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Originally Posted by bigmamakelsey
Most HB midwives have a box of birth supplies made specifically for them through a site, so I'd ask if she has one you can look up Most of the birth supplies are really for the midwife - like the clamp, gloves, iodine, ect. The things I'd recommend for supplies for you are LOTS of pads/plastic sheets/old towels (birth is messy!! ) postpartum pads, and hydrogen proxide (to take stains out of sheets, carpets.) Other than that, cool/warm packs, a yoga ball, homeopathics (smooth birthing remedy or rescue remedy) labor drink (water, emgercen-c, lemon and honey) and rubs or massage oil. I used one with clary sage in it, it helps labor progress you you could do something like that GL!
I mentioned a few times that we won't have a midwife - it will just be me, DH, the photographer and the baby! I guess I should've titled it "Tell me about your unassisted birth" since we will need *everything*! Haha. Hubby is an EMT, so he will probably be doing the "midwifery" type things like clamping the cord (we are using cord rings), etc.

Did you put the Emergen-C, lemon, and honey all into the same drink? Just curious... I like Emergen-C - raspberry and clementine - but I don't think they would taste very good all together!
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