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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon
Here's how our midwife had us make our bed (starting from mattress and building on top);

Plastic mattress cover
Set of sheets
Plastic cover
Set of "throw away" sheets

That way we could just strip and toss the first layer of sheets/plastic once the labor/birth/placenta/stitching mess was done, and still have a plastic sheet underneath in case I had a postpartum pad leak. :-)

We bought a crap-ton of chux pads - or puppy pee pads. I loved those. Sitting on them w/o bottoms was comfy and kept me from worrying about my blankets or carpet.

Bendy straws - easier than regular straws or tryin to drink from a cup. At home you're not on an IV for hydration so its important to take sips regularly especially in transition.
I was planning on making the bed with plastic in between sheet sets, but didn't even think about underneath the first set! Thanks!

I saw a box of 200 chux pads or something on Amazon, and DH said, "Surely you won't use all of those!" and I said, "Well... If we don't, we can always just have more kids!" that's good logic, right? I always buy in bulk.. And figured birth supplies would be no different! Lol
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