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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

Originally Posted by Nielsen6 View Post
Hi Sarah,

How many babies you have now? Weeding out the bullies?

Well I had the flu, that sucked. Chickens might have been slightly neglected because they didn't get any treats for 3 days

Unforunatly the worst is the news that I got today, a good friend of mine was beaten by her husband and is in a coma. She was on DS but is not active now. She was a mentor of sorts, helped me with my knitting more often than I would like to admit. A sweet wonderful woman with two wonderful babies at home. If ya'll could send up some prayers for her that would be great. Liz, I am not sure if you know her but assume you might. Message me on FB if you would like.

Anyway, all is better here. Trying to clean up a bit here and there, going to get the tree tomorrow and try to be cheerful.

Oh no sweetie! That's just terrible. All my prayers comin your way hun!

Hope you are feeling better hun!

Outside there is 11 I believe. I may decide to remove the one trouble maker. They all fight so bad. Mean little stinkers. I've been saying that since hatch day!

Then inside I have 4 in a big brooder, they are almost big enoughto go out. Another week or 2. And then 8 littles. I'm starting to wonder if the only amaricauna Sp? and one blrw that hatched are both cockerals. I took some detailed pics. I'll try to get them posted soon.
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