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Pedipeds, Robeez, See Kai Run and Bugaboo

Pedipeds 6-12m EUC except a little bit of dingyness on the ribbon (I haven't even tried to wash it out) 15ppd

See Kai Run size 3 GUC except they got squished a bit in storage $15ppd
Robeez 12-18 Not so great used condition. Wonderful for play still have quite a bit of life left in them. 7ppd

Robeez 6-12 white with bows. Same condition as other Robeez. Well loved 7ppd


Bugaboo size 4 very similar to See Kai Runs brand 18ppd. EUC just a bit smooshed

See kai Run Smaller 9-12m 18ppd GUC some light wear on the bottom and again a little squished.

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