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Re: Working FT & morning sickness

I haven't read all of the replies, so I apologize if I duplicate answers. I am 34 weeks pregnant and threw up at least 6-8 times a day until 26 weeks. I worked through it, which really surprised me. Normally throwing up freaks me out and has me out of it for a few days. I took zofran for a few times before I actually started to throw up, but once I started throwing up, I didn't really find it worked well. At about 14 weeks I started pepcid, and it made a little differerence, but not much. I liked preggo pops and always had them around. Each week was different what I wanted to eat, but I always made sure to eat a protein and carbs at the same time. I liked mcdonalds breakfast burritos for a good long while and had one every morning on the way to work. I carried a big cup with me everywhere and threw up in them. I know it sounds terrible, but I didn't want to get up while in the middle of it, and it felt better just to be still and throw up. Then I'd go to the bathroom and clean out the cup. Luckily, I usually did the majority of my throwing up in the morning before work, but I then usually threw up 2-3 times at a random time throughout the day. I honestly thought at 17 weeks that I was going to die and couldn't deal with it anymore. I would cry everytime I knew I was about to throw up. I just pushed through and eventually it ended. At some times, I thought I was going to throw up for the rest of my life. My head started to mess with me. It sucks. What's funny is that this is my third pregnancy, and I didn't throw up once in either of the other two. Good luck. Hopefully yours is short lived. Get a good support system, it helps alot!
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