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Re: Tell me about your home birth!

I've had two unassisted births and I found I used less for those births than I did during my attended home births. Many birth supplies really are for the midwife, if there is one. For example, you don't really need gloves, sterile or otherwise, to catch your own baby or do exams, etc. Interestingly enough, I didn't even end up using chux during my unassisted births, even though I had them. I just used a few towels. They're good to have anyway.

I liked having electrolyte drinks. There are recipes online or you can buy bottled drinks like Vitamin Water or sports drinks. Plain water is good, too, but it's good to drink something with electrolytes during a long labor. I think it's cool to have a way to weigh the baby. It's not strictly necessary. I didn't weigh my UC babies until they were three days old when I went in for my Rhogam. It's fun though. Arnica oil is nice for the baby if he has any molding or other birth bruising.

I guess your husband will have his EMT bag there, so he'll have the medical side of things covered. One thing my midwife had me have handy during my last birth was an oversized nightgown or long t-shirt. It gives you a quick way to cover up in case you need to transfer or to throw on after birth.
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