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Re: Im a little upset...should i be?

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
All I could think of as I went through this is that I sure would have LOVED one of those when I was 15. Sure would have beat my cutting the shoulder pads out of my moms clothes to stuff my bra.

Since I did finally manage to grow boobs, I wonder if they have anything that will put the girls back up where they were before nursing 5 kids took a toll on them? I mean if VS can increase my size by 2 cups surely they can raise 'em up several inches?

Think I'll head head in to the city next week...

Oh, wait

OP, you could contact the seller and ask her if she was aware that this is not a VS bombshell bra but one that can be bought for $8. Just see what she says. I'd personally chalk it up to a lesson learned
Oh what I would pay for one of those. Especially if it did not cause muffin tops on the tops of the boobs
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