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Re: Wrapping supplies

I've gotten to the point that I only buy wrapping paper from costco. Their rolls fit in my upright rubbermaid container, they're good quality paper and the rolls last for-ev-er. Right now I've got one roll that's more of a kiddie print, one roll that's more adult and a couple of leftover rolls from previous years. Once those are gone I'm going to invest in another kid roll and another adult roll and leave it at those 4, only replacing them when I run out. I like variety, but I want all my wrapping stuff to fit all in one container that I can easily put away when Christmas is over.

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I will add that growing up, my mom was a wrapping paper hoarder. Not only did she buy new rolls after each holiday, she made us save paper from previous years. So she had dozens of rolls for Christmas, dozens for birthdays, more for new baby, wedding, holidays, etc. Shoe boxes FULL of small sheets cut from larger sheets. A huge tote FULL of hundreds of bows. An entire trash can full of pieces of ribbon and yarn with the knots cut out. A huge bag full of gift bags and folded tissue paper. It probably occupied an entire floor-ceiling cabinet or more in our basement. She would literally wrap every Christmas gift in different paper. She had every color ribbon, curling ribbon, yarn, thick ribbon, wire-ribbon, whatever. It's ridiculous and I vowed never to be like that.
This was me. I was really really bad. Part of it was desperation out of thrift, and a need to not throw things away. I might not have had quite that collection, but man I was going there. I had an entire tote of gift bags, and not a small oen either. A box of ribbon, another of bows.....all junk. Then I had to move at the last minute this year while insanely enormously pregnant, and I threw almost all of it away. I have one upright container of Christmas wrapping, and another of misc other wrapping paper, each with some bows and tissue in it. If it don't fit in those, it doesn't live here. I thought I'd panic without it, I'm actually relieved it's gone.
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