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Re: Ergo infant insert

For my son, I didn't get the Ergo until he was 4 months old or so, so it wasn't an issue. I had used the Moby and then a mei tai with him until we got the Ergo, and then he was fine with his legs out by that point.

When DD arrived, I sometimes used a ring sling for her early on, and still use it occasionally (like if we go somewhere and both kids need to be worn, our toddler gets the Ergo). I had considered getting the insert for the Ergo for DD, but instead decided to just use blankets with her. I rolled a receiving blanket to put under her, then wrapped her with an Aiden & Anais swaddling blanket in a similar way as you'd put them in the insert, so that her legs were froggied. The blankets helped fill in the carrier a bit and give her more support, and I liked that they were so breathable since she was a summer baby.
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