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Milk Supply Struggles and Baby Coming

I have had struggles with my milk supply with several of my children. It was the worst with my last baby. Short run-down:

#1 - typical first baby struggles, stopped nursing at 3 weeks

#2 - Great nursing experience...never had a bottle, weaned at 2 years

#3 - Good nursing experience. Pregnant at 8 months, supply dropped, self-weaned at 10 months

#4 - Premature birth at 34 1/2 week, LBW, supplemented for 5 days with latch struggles, then he popped on like it was nothing. Pregnant at 10 months, weaned at 1 year.

#5 - Started out great, but had supply issues from 3-4 weeks on. She began loosing weight consistently and we began to supplement at 6 weeks, weaned at 3 months.

#6 - Never got this guy to latch on...tried finger feeding, cup feeding to get milk into him. I was pumping, but getting little. Severe jaundice at 1 week, continued weight loss. I began some bottles just to get some volume into him. Continued to try to nurse with no success at a latch for 3 weeks...just ended up bottle-feeding

#7 - Nursing went well, gained well until 5 months and then supply slowed way down. Began supplementing at 6 months, weaned at 8.

#8 - Baby latched on and nursed like a champ. I nursed more than 2 hours from start of feeding to start of feeding during the day, and no more than 3 at night. I would wake him to nurse if he was going longer. We seeing a nurse and LC at 3-5 days for jaundice. Weight comparisons showed him getting less than 1t of milk for the whole feeding. At 5 days he was seriously jaundiced and dehydrated...pee nearly stopped and looked like Coke. He was hospitalized and I supplemented, pumped and used SNS feeder at home....still nursing frequently. I remember accidentally sleeping through the night at about 10-12 days old (DH blessed me) and having absolutely no fullness to my breasts at all. At 3 weeks I just decided to bottle feed.

So baby #9 is due in a couple of months. This looks like our last baby for many reasons. While I have been okay with my bottle feeding wasn't the end of the world, I truly enjoy breastfeeding and really, really want things to go well this time.

I have trained as a lay midwife and have more than an "average" idea of breastfeeding problems and hints...however I would like suggestions as to anything I can do during the end of pregnancy to help support and ready my body to make lots of milk. I know there are lots of mamas with lots of backgrounds and experiences here and I would love to know your thoughts!

One thing I have considered is RRL tea as a general support could also be beneficial.

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