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Originally Posted by rawheid
I think our level of tolerance changes with each load we take out if our home. Plus we also burn ourselves out sometimes when we purge. But that could be just me....
I agree! A couple of months ago I went through the 8 Weeks of Decluttering (or 40 Day Purge), and then found myself at a standstill afterwards. I really did feel burned out. For two months I had been so focused on purging and decluttering that I even felt those efforts were taking priority over my real duties as a wife and mom. I also didn't feel as though my husband was on board with my efforts.
Now, it's been another two months since I finished the 40 Day Purge, and I am feeling the urge to purge This time, however, my husband definitely seems supportive. I am tackling the basement, and he bought me new shelving units the other day.
I think it's good to take the decluttering in steps, and not drive yourself (and everyone you live with) crazy!
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